Reviews Flexumgel

  • Michael
    Flexumgel helped very quickly to get out of bed after a knee fracture. Great tool, the only thing that can restore joints, as far as I know.
  • Petra
    With my arthritis without this gel anywhere. Every year I pass a course of the drug and live a full life, although I suffered a lot of pain.
  • Karin
    Buy mom, she had sciatica, but with this tool it becomes much easier not only pain but also stiffness, you can live comfortably.
  • Peter
    Perhaps, too, order, useful in case of injuries, I do bodybuilding, it's easy for something to damage. Good thing there are tools to recover quickly.
  • Günther
    Very well known on the West drug. We have found the pharmacy first happened, but turned out to be a fake. Then on the website I ordered heaven and earth, in comparison with pharmacy. It just removes the swelling instantly goes away.
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