Experience of use Traugel

Experience with Giovanni Gel from Rome

experience with Traugel Giovanni from RomeHello everyone, I'll tell you about a drug that restored my mobility and helped me recover from an injury.

I play soccer in a semi-professional league and this summer I injured my knee badly while playing. I had to stay in the hospital for a month, but even after I was discharged, I could hardly walk.

Doctors advised to develop the knee, but because of the severe pain, I could hardly move. Of course, there was no question of any sport. The pharmacy advised me a couple of gels for pain. They helped, but not for long, after a few hours the pain returned, and with it the stiffness. Mobility partially returned, and I was able to walk to work, but pain appeared at the slightest load.

I was already getting used to the idea that I would have to say goodbye to football, but a friend with whom we play together suggested that I try Traugel. This is a well-known remedy for quick joint recovery.

Having ordered the product via the Internet, a week later I unpacked the package. I bought several tubes of gel at once, so that it was enough for a long course.

How to use the drug:

The package with the gel comes with instructions for use. In principle, the scheme of use is standard. The gel should be applied to the damaged joint, rubbed until it is absorbed and wrapped in something warm. I used Traugel for 2 months.

Results of use:

Within an hour after the first application, I felt a noticeable decrease in pain. Carefully, little by little, I began to put pressure on my knee. Squats and bending gave their effect. A week has passed, and I was already running freely, but so far I was careful not to take serious loads. A month later, the mobility of the knee was completely restored.

Now I calmly play my favorite football and I know that if another injury happens, then Traugel will help me. If you also have a joint injury, this is an excellent remedy, but remember that mobility will not recover by itself. It is necessary to carefully apply the load and develop the joint.

Experience with Ernesto from Madrid

Ernesto's experience with Traugel from Madrid

I never led a mobile lifestyle, so with age I faced diseases such as arthritis and osteochondrosis. At first I tried not to pay attention to it, but over time the pain intensified. Stiffness appeared, it became difficult to write, it hurt to bend down. The doctor prescribed me Traugel.

The remedy turned out to be effective, the pain quickly disappeared, it became easier to move. After the course of the drug, the ease of movement returned, the inflammation became noticeably less.

I can recommend Traugel to anyone who has some kind of joint problems, back and knee pain. This excellent remedy will restore mobility and allow you to lead a comfortable life again.